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We represent some of the worlds finest baby bedding and crib bedding designers including CoCaLo Baby Bedding, Nojo Crib Bedding, Baby Martex Toddler Bedding, Disney Baby, Lambs & Ivy Baby Infant Bedding, Crown Crafts Nursery Bedding, Oshkosh Baby Comforter Sets, Kimberly Grant Baby Bedding, Precious Moments Baby Crib Comforters, Winnie The Pooh Baby Bedding, Bed Time Originals Childrens Bedding, Precious Moments Crib Comforters, Mickey Mouse Baby Bedding & Hello Kitty Baby Bedding.

You can shop for baby boy bedding, baby girl bedding, sports crib bedding, cowboy toddler bedding, and animal and jungle nursery crib sets.

Here’s a quick overview of the bedding designers that we are proud to represent:
CoCaLo Baby Bedding – CoCaLo is a fashion leader in the baby bedding industry, with crib bedding sets featuring innovative designs and unique combinations of fabrics, textures and colors. CoCaLo’s infant bedding collections include the luxury Baby Dream crib set, the Baby Wish baby crib bedding collection, and the Baby Hope nursery bedding crib set.

Baby Martex Nursery Bedding – Baby Martex infant bedding is known for providing quality and fashion leadership in a well-constructed baby bedding product. Baby Martex’s crib comforter sets are ideal for both baby girl and baby boy crib bedding solutions. Baby Martex baby crib bedding sets include the cranberry colored Blossoms Crib Set, the springtime themed Lily Pad infant bedding collection and the Pocket Full of Posies baby girl crib bedding.

Kimberly Grant Baby Bedding – Baby crib comforter sets by Kimberly Grant has a classic country cottage feel, from the Build Fly Run baby bedding collection for baby boys, to the Dance Laugh Sing baby girl crib bedding set.

Oshkosh Baby Bedding – OshKosh B’Gosh was founded in 1895 in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. More than 100 years later OshKosh B’Gosh has evolved into a premier designer of children products including its line of Oshkosh crib and toddler bedding. This wonderful line of infant bedding features crib bedding collections for baby girls and baby boys including the cowboy themed Giddy Up crib bedding set and the fanciful Dress Up nursery bedding set both by Oshkosh Baby.

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Lambs & Ivy Baby Bedding – Lambs & Ivy crib bedding sets feature the highest quality infant and toddler bedding, baby bedding accessories, and baby gifts. Lambs & Ivy baby crib bedding sets feature innovative and unique products. Lambs & Ivy is committed to the design and creation of a loving and safe nursery filled with fantasy and wonder for every baby girl and baby boy.

Lambs & Ivy baby bedding’s unique combination of contemporary crib bedding designs with old fashioned workmanship, personal service, and attention to detail will continue to distinguish us through our next 25 years and beyond.

Nojo Crib Bedding — High-fashion infant bedding, blankets and accessories designed for today’s lifestyle. Offering “only the best for baby”, the NoJo name represents quality, originality and comfort in every product. Nojo’s baby bedding collections range from the Oh Boy crib comforter set for baby boys, to the pastel Pink Petals crib bedding set for baby girls.

Precious Moments Infant Bedding – Precious Moments baby bedding designs feature the loving, dew-eyed characters that inspire peace and joy any baby or parent. With a quilted patchwork theme, crib bedding sets by Precious Moments are the ideal baby nursery bedding solution.

Disney Baby Bedding – Disney Baby’s selection of crib and nursery bedding and baby bedding accessories feature uniquely Disney characters; Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Disney Princesses, Donald Duck, Pluto and Goofy. These wonderful baby crib comforters are the ideal infant bedding choice for baby girls and boys.

Winnie The Pooh Baby Bedding – All babies will be cheered with these colorful baby bedding designs based on the innocence and unique personalities of Winnie the Pooh and his friends. Winnie the Pooh baby crib bedding features that silly old bear and his friends Tigger and Piglet.

Crown Crafts Crib Bedding – Crown Crafts infant products is one of the worlds leading crib bedding designers and makers of fine infant bedding, blankets and accessories. Crown Crafts baby bedding represents such toddler bedding brands as Nojo, Disney Baby, Precious Moments, Sesame Street baby bedding, and Nautica Kids infant bedding.

Hello Kitty Baby Bedding — Hello Kitty infant and toddler bedding is as cute as a princess with her satin crown. Hello Kitty baby bedding coordinating accessories include matching infant musical mobiles and nursery lamps.

Baby Bedding Buying Tips For First Time Parents

Buying baby bedding for your newborn baby may seem overwhelming if you are a first time parent. Even experienced parents have a hard time buying baby crib bedding for their newborn baby’s nursery.

The good news is you can buy baby bedding that is useful, meaningful and cute AND have a fun time while doing it. All you need to know is the ins and outs of buying baby bedding for babies. So let’s find out what baby bedding is all about.

Baby Bedding Basics

The first step you should take before you even think about buying baby bedding is deciding what you need to complete your baby’s nursery. The chances are high you will not decide on a theme for your baby’s nursery before you start shopping around, so it makes sense to first make a list of baby bedding supplies.

Some baby bedding supplies are “necessary” items that your baby will need. Examples of necessary items including crib sheets, blankets and baby bumpers for your newborn. Then you can start thinking about baby bedding accessories. Let’s start by reviewing each of these baby bedding categories.

Baby Bedding Necessities

Crib sheets and light blankets are items your baby will not be able to live without. There are many different varieties of crib sheets and blankets available. Many are made of high quality, soft and durable cotton, while others include a mixture of materials. Baby blankets also come in many different textures including cotton, chenille, corduroy, suede and more.

You’ll want to buy a large enough supply of crib sheets so you don’t have to do laundry every day. You should also invest in a mattress pad that goes underneath your baby’s crib sheet. Why? Babies are notorious for “leaking” out of their diapers, and when they do you will want back up supplies readily available.

Your baby’s first blanket should not be too heavy. A heavy blanket may pose a suffocation risk for your baby. Most baby bedding sets come with thin quilts you can place on your baby to keep them warm safely. Receiving blankets are another good choice.

Many new parents have concerns about their baby’s temperature, and rightly so. You don’t want your baby to be too warm, but you also don’t want your baby to be too cold. Flannel sheets may be a good idea for the winter, but an even better idea is dressing your baby in a sleeper and onesie so they have enough layers to keep them warm.

There are some baby bedding sets made of fine wool that have sheets or blankets that will also help keep your baby warm and cozy as they sleep.

You’ll also want a baby bumper to protect your baby’ s head and limbs. Little baby’s limbs can become stuck or wedged between the railings on a crib, and their small heads can press against the railing causing discomfort. So look for a baby bedding set that comes complete with a matching baby bumper if you can.

Baby Bedding Accessories

There are many baby bedding accessories you can buy to complete the look and feel of your baby’s nursery. Some examples include:

  • Musical Mobiles
  • Duvets and Pillows
  • Diaper Stackers
  • Toy Bags
  • Wall Hangings
  • Window Valance
  • Moses Bed or Bassinet
  • Throw rug
  • Wall Border

How fancy you design your newborn baby’s room is up to you. Remember that as your baby gets older, they will have more of an interest in exploring their surroundings. They will eagerly watch a musical mobile or stare up at a cute wall hanging. A wall border and well-designed wall hanging can easily grow with your baby. Many baby bedding collections are easily transformed from a baby nursery to a toddler room.

You can even buy a convertible crib if you like, so you can keep the same baby bedding from the time your baby is a newborn until they are three or four. So keep this in mind when shopping for your baby bedding and accessories too. While your newborn baby will not need a pillow or duvet, a toddler may find much use for it as they get older.

The easiest way to decide what you need is to create a list of your “must have” items. Then start browsing baby bedding collections and start deciding on the types of themes you like. Once you do that, you can review the accessories available for each baby bedding collection and decide which will fit your baby’s room best.

Make baby bedding buying a fun process. Involve your partner and have a fun time with it. Your joy and enthusiasm will shine through when your baby’s nursery is complete!

Baby Bedding, Crib Bedding and Baby Crib Bedding Sets

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The best baby bedding, crib bedding, and baby crib bedding sets are found at The Baby Bedding Company. They include Lambs & Ivy, Cocalo,Nojo, and more.

Lambs and Ivy baby bedding for the last 25 years has been of the highest quality baby bedding on the market. They combine contemporary baby crib set designs with old fashion workmanship.

Cocalo baby bedding company focuses on unique and innovative designs. The baby bedding by Cocalo are fashionable and well-rounded nursery collections to satisfy any parent.

Baby bedding by OshKosh is well known because of the brand name OshKosh B’ Gosh. Once a small town business it is now a superstar in baby bedding. Oshkosh baby bedding consistently ranks among the favorites of all baby bedding brands.

With a solid reputation, baby bedding by Baby Martex provides you with the greatest quality at convenient prices. Simple yet elegant, Baby Martex baby bedding is among the most adorable of all baby bedding collections.

Kimberly Grant Baby bedding is filled with imagination, and life! Baby bedding by Kimberly Grant triggers the imagination and features sweet, innocent and magical reality.

Baby Bedding: Coordinating Baby Crib Bedding Accessories

Your adorable newborn baby boy or baby girl deserves the finest selection of baby bedding available. No baby nursery is complete however, without a few baby crib bedding accessories.

Whether a first time parent or third time parent, many innovative and high quality luxury baby bedding designers are now providing a cute and adorable collection of baby crib bedding accessories to go with your newborn’s nursery.

Selecting The Right Baby Bedding Accessories

Companies like Lambs and Ivy, Cocalo, Baby Martex, and Nojo have simplified the accessory buying process for you. Most of these innovative and high-quality designers include a wide array of baby crib bedding accessories that match their baby bedding themes.

You can now easily complement your adorable newborn baby’s nursery with cute and fuzzy accessories that match their fun and whimsical baby bedding sets. What types of accessories prove useful? Take it from a mother of three; baby accessories often make your life much simpler. They also make your baby much happier.

Lambs and Ivy baby bedding sets for example, offer many cute and helpful coordinating baby bedding pieces. Some of the more notable include:

  • Matching baby bedding crib sheets.
  • Matching baby bedding wall borders.
  • Matching diaper stackers.
  • Coordinating window valances.
  • Three or four piece wall hangings.
  • Themed lamps and shades.
  • Matching musical mobiles.

In fact, all the finest collections including Cocalo, Nojo baby bedding, Crown Crafts crib bedding offer similar accessories that complete the perfect baby nursery. Some of the baby bedding sets also include throw pillows and tiny but comfortable sitting chairs for when your baby grows older.

Keep in mind as your baby grows older chances are high you can use the same theme to create the perfect toddler room. Whether you have a newborn baby or an energetic toddler, all the interesting and colorful accessories sprinkled throughout the room will dazzle your child.

Wall hangings are lovely especially when placed right above your newborn baby’s crib, because they give your delightful newborn something interesting and fun to look at when they rest quietly in their cribs.

A coordinating window valance is a must have for any parent that wants to complete the look and feel of their newborn baby’s nursery. No new or seasoned parent should go without a matching musical mobile. This adorable accessory will delight and soothe your baby to sleep until he or she is at least five or six months old.

You can also buy other accessories to make your life easier as a new parent. One item that will prove invaluable to you as a new parent is a nightlight for nightly diaper changes and feedings. You want to make sure the nightlight is just bright enough to help you see, but not so bright it frightens or bothers your precious newborn.

Just remember when buying baby bedding and accessories to take your time. You will always find what is best for your newborn baby. As a parent, you will find your instincts lead you right to where you need to be. Have fun and enjoy the experience!

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